All photographs copyright (2003-2013) by Kris H. Light

<strong>Pitted Stone Lichen</strong> (white with black dots) (possibly)
<em>Verrucaria calciseda</em>?

<strong>Sulphur-firedot Lichen</strong> (yellow with orange apothecia) (possibly)
<em>Caloplaca flavovirescens</em>?
Leakey, TX (Lost Maples SP...
Pitted Stone Lichen (white with black dots) (possibly)
Verrucaria calciseda?

Sulphur-firedot Lichen (yellow with orange apothecia) (possibly)
Caloplaca flavovirescens?
Leakey, TX (Lost Maples SP)
March 29, 2009

I found several kinds of lichens growing on the limestone rocks along the trail at Lost Maples State Park.