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Passion flower

Video of passion flower with flipping anthers.
Body Class Video

This is a video of me teaching the American Museum of Science and Energy Outreach Program�s �My Body and Me� class for the first graders at West Hills Elementary. Thanks to Mrs. Walter for producing and sharing the video! I am wearing a body suit with the muscles, bones and internal organs and a brain hat.
Rotifer Eating

Video of rotifer eating.

Video of Hydra.
Gnat Larva

Video of Gnat Larva.

Video of Waterflea.

Video of vorticella.

Video of Diatoms.
Fish Camouflage

Animated video of fish camouflage by "changing colors" in deeper water.
Dinosaur Bones

Animated interactive video of dinosaur bones fossilizing.
Earth Rotating

Animated video of earth rotating.
Moon Phases

Animated video of moon phases.

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