All photographs copyright (2003-2013) by Kris H. Light

<strong>Viceroy Butterfly</strong><br><em>Limenitis archippus</em><br>Oak Ridge, TN<br>Oct. 4, 2007<br>***An Anderson county record butterfly!***
Viceroy Butterfly
Limenitis archippus
Oak Ridge, TN
Oct. 4, 2007
***An Anderson county record butterfly!***
I really wanted to have a photo of this butterfly because it mimics the color and vein pattern of the Monarch. The Viceroy is a bit smaller and has a horizontal stripe across the back wings that the Monarch doesn't have. It is tricky to tell the difference between the two at first glance. This type of mimicry is called "Mullerian mimicry", both of the butterflies are toxic, birds know to avoid them due to their coloration.
Host plants for caterpillars include: Aspens, poplars, Willows, Plums, Cherries, and Apples.
Formerly known as: Basilarchia archippus