All photographs copyright (2003-2013) by Kris H. Light

<strong>Columned Stinkhorn</strong><br><em>Clathrus columnatus</em><br>Height: 3"<br>Milton, FL<br>December 24, 2006
Columned Stinkhorn
Clathrus columnatus
Height: 3"
Milton, FL
December 24, 2006
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! I found this weird stinkhorn fungus while walking my parents' dog in Florida. I thought the "arms" might open at the top, making it a "Stinky Squid" Stinkhorn, but upon closer inspection I realized it does not open. Like the previous stinkhorn, it produces a slimy spore mass which is spread by flies. I noticed several small flies on the fungi. It didn't smell quite as unpleasant as the Ravenel's Stinkhorn, the aroma reminded me of the odor of a slightly sweet, rotting lettuce!